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Table 2-1. SFR Overview




SFR Address



ADCCON1 0xB4 ADC ADCcontrol1
ADCCON2 0xB5 ADC ADCcontrol2
ADCCON3 0xB6 ADC ADCcontrol3
ADCL 0xBA ADC ADCdata low
ADCH 0xBB ADC ADCdata high
RNDL 0xBC ADC Randomnumbergenerator datalow
RNDH 0xBD ADC Randomnumbergenerator datahigh
ENCDI 0xB1 AES Encryption/decryptioninputdata
ENCDO 0xB2 AES Encryption/decryptionoutputdata
ENCCS 0xB3 AES Encryption/decryptioncontrolandstatus
P0 0x80 CPU Port0. ReadablefromXDATA(0x7080)
SP 0x81 CPU Stackpointer
DPL0 0x82 CPU Datapointer0lowbyte
DPH0 0x83 CPU Datapointer0highbyte
DPL1 0x84 CPU Datapointer1lowbyte
DPH1 0x85 CPU Datapointer0highbyte
PCON 0x87 CPU Powermodecontrol
TCON 0x88 CPU Interruptflags
P1 0x90 CPU Port1. ReadablefromXDATA(0x7090)
DPS 0x92 CPU Datapointerselect
S0CON 0x98 CPU Interruptflags2
IEN2 0x9A CPU Interruptenable2
S1CON 0x9B CPU Interruptflags3
P2 0xA0 CPU Port2. ReadablefromXDATA(0x70A0)
IEN0 0xA8 CPU Interruptenable0
IP0 0xA9 CPU Interruptpriority0
IEN1 0xB8 CPU Interruptenable1
IP1 0xB9 CPU Interruptpriority1
IRCON 0xC0 CPU Interruptflags4
PSW 0xD0 CPU ProgramstatusWord
ACC 0xE0 CPU Accumulator
IRCON2 0xE8 CPU Interruptflags5
B 0xF0 CPU Bregister
DMAIRQ 0xD1 DMA DMAinterruptflag
DMA1CFGL 0xD2 DMA DMAchannel1–4configuration addresslow
DMA1CFGH 0xD3 DMA DMAchannel1–4configuration addresshigh
DMA0CFGL 0xD4 DMA DMAchannel0configurationaddress low
DMA0CFGH 0xD5 DMA DMAchannel0configurationaddress high
DMAARM 0xD6 DMA DMAchannelarmed
DMAREQ 0xD7 DMA DMAchannelstartrequestandstatus
0xAA Reserved
0x8E Reserved
0x99 Reserved
0xB0 Reserved
0xB7 Reserved
0xC8 Reserved
P0IFG 0x89 IOC Port0 interruptstatusflag
P1IFG 0x8A IOC Port1 interruptstatusflag
P2IFG 0x8B IOC Port2 interruptstatusflag
PICTL 0x8C IOC Portpinsinterrupt maskandedge
P0IEN 0xAB IOC Port0 interruptmask
P1IEN 0x8D IOC Port1 interruptmask
P2IEN 0xAC IOC Port2 interruptmask
P0INP 0x8F IOC Port0 inputmode
PERCFG 0xF1 IOC PeripheralI/Ocontrol
APCFG 0xF2 IOC AnalogperipheralI/Oconfiguration
P0SEL 0xF3 IOC Port0 functionselect
P1SEL 0xF4 IOC Port1 functionselect
P2SEL 0xF5 IOC Port2 functionselect
P1INP 0xF6 IOC Port1 inputmode
P2INP 0xF7 IOC Port2 inputmode
P0DIR 0xFD IOC Port0 direction
P1DIR 0xFE IOC Port1 direction
P2DIR 0xFF IOC Port2 direction
PMUX 0xAE IOC Power-downsignalmux
MPAGE 0x93 MEMORY Memorypageselect
MEMCTR 0xC7 MEMORY Memorysystemcontrol
FMAP 0x9F MEMORY Flash-memorybankmapping
RFIRQF1 0x91 RF RFinterruptflagsMSB
RFD 0xD9 RF RFdata
RFST 0xE1 RF RFcommandstrobe
RFIRQF0 0xE9 RF RFinterruptflagsLSB
RFERRF 0xBF RF RFerror interruptflags
ST0 0x95 ST SleepTimer0
ST1 0x96 ST SleepTimer1
ST2 0x97 ST SleepTimer2
STLOAD 0xAD ST Sleep-timerloadstatus
SLEEPCMD 0xBE PMC Sleep-modecontrolcommand
SLEEPSTA 0x9D PMC Sleep-modecontrolstatus
CLKCONCMD 0xC6 PMC Clockcontrolcommand
CLKCONSTA 0x9E PMC Clockcontrolstatus
T1CC0L 0xDA Timer1 Timer1 channel0capture/compare valuelow
T1CC0H 0xDB Timer1 Timer1 channel0capture/compare valuehigh
T1CC1L 0xDC Timer1 Timer1 channel1capture/compare valuelow
T1CC1H 0xDD Timer1 Timer1 channel1capture/compare valuehigh
T1CC2L 0xDE Timer1 Timer1 channel2capture/compare valuelow
T1CC2H 0xDF Timer1 Timer1 channel2capture/compare valuehigh
T1CNTL 0xE2 Timer1 Timer1 counterlow
T1CNTH 0xE3 Timer1 Timer1 counterhigh
T1CTL 0xE4 Timer1 Timer1 controlandstatus
T1CCTL0 0xE5 Timer1 Timer1 channel0capture/compare control
T1CCTL1 0xE6 Timer1 Timer1 channel1capture/compare control
T1CCTL2 0xE7 Timer1 Timer1 channel2capture/compare control
T1STAT 0xAF Timer1 Timer1 status
T2CTRL 0x94 Timer2 Timer2 control
T2EVTCFG 0x9C Timer2 Timer2 eventconfiguration
T2IRQF 0xA1 Timer2 Timer2 interruptflags
T2M0 0xA2 Timer2 Timer2 multiplexedregister0
T2M1 0xA3 Timer2 Timer2 multiplexedregister1
T2MOVF0 0xA4 Timer2 Timer2 multiplexedoverflowregister 0
T2MOVF1 0xA5 Timer2 Timer2 multiplexedoverflowregister 1
T2MOVF2 0xA6 Timer2 Timer2 multiplexedoverflowregister 2
T2IRQM 0xA7 Timer2 Timer2 interruptmask
T2MSEL 0xC3 Timer2 Timer2 multiplexselect
T3CNT 0xCA Timer3 Timer3 counter
T3CTL 0xCB Timer3 Timer3 control
T3CCTL0 0xCC Timer3 Timer3 channel0compare control
T3CC0 0xCD Timer3 Timer3 channel0compare value
T3CCTL1 0xCE Timer3 Timer3 channel1compare control
T3CC1 0xCF Timer3 Timer3 channel1compare value
T4CNT 0xEA Timer4 Timer4 counter
T4CTL 0xEB Timer4 Timer4 control
T4CCTL0 0xEC Timer4 Timer4 channel0compare control
T4CC0 0xED Timer4 Timer4 channel0compare value
T4CCTL1 0xEE Timer4 Timer4 channel1compare control
T4CC1 0xEF Timer4 Timer4 channel1compare value
TIMIF 0xD8 TMINT Timers1/3/4jointinterruptmask/flags
U0CSR 0x86 USART0 USART0 controlandstatus
U0DBUF 0xC1 USART0 USART0 receive/transmitdatabuffer
U0BAUD 0xC2 USART0 USART0 baud-ratecontrol
U0GCR 0xC5 USART0 USART0 genericcontrol
U1CSR 0xF8 USART1 USART1 controlandstatus
U1DBUF 0xF9 USART1 USART1 receive/transmitdatabuffer
U1BAUD 0xFA USART1 USART1 baud-ratecontrol
U1GCR 0xFC USART1 USART1 genericcontrol
WDCTL 0xC9 WDT WatchdogTimercontrol

 2.4     Instruction Set Summary

The 8051 instruction set is summarized inTable2-3.All mnemonics copyrighted ©Intel Corporation,1980.

The following conventions are used in the instruction set summary:

•    Rn–Register R7–R0 of the currently selected register bank

•    Direct–8-bit internal data-location address.This can be DATA area(0x00–0x7F) or SFR area (0x80–0xFF).

•    @Ri–8-bit internal data location,DATA area(0x00–0xFF) addressed indirectly throughregister R1or R0

•    #data–8-bit constanti ncluded ininstruction

•    #data16–16-bit constant included ininstruction

•    addr16–16-bit destination address.Used by LCALL and LJMP.A branch can be anywhere within the 64-KB CODEmemory space.

•    addr11–11-bit destination address.Used by ACALL and AJMP.The branch is within the same2-KB page of program memory ast he first byte of the following instruction.

     •    rel–Signed(2s-complement) 8-bit offset byte.Used by SJMP and allc onditional jumps.Rangeis–128 to127bytes relative to first byte of the following instruction.

•    bit–Direct addressed bit in DATAarea or SFR

    The instructions that affect CPU flag settings located in PSW are listed inTable2-4.Note that operations on the PSW register or bits in PSW also affect the flag settings.Also note that the cycle count for many instructions assumes single-cycle access to the memory element being accessed,i.e.,the best-case situation.This is not always the case.Reads from flash may take1–3 cycles,fore xample.

Table 2-3. Instruction Set Summary

Mnemonic Description HexOpcode Bytes Cycles
ADDA,Rn Addregistertoaccumulator 28–2F 1 1
ADDA,direct Adddirectbytetoaccumulator 25 2 2
ADD A,@Ri AddindirectRAMtoaccumulator 26–27 1 2
ADDA,#data Addimmediatedatatoaccumulator 24 2 2
ADDCA,Rn Addregistertoaccumulatorwithcarryflag 38–3F 1 1
ADDCA,direct AdddirectbytetoAwithcarryflag 35 2 2
ADDC A,@Ri AddindirectRAMtoAwithcarryflag 36–37 1 2
ADDCA,#data AddimmediatedatatoAwithcarryflag 34 2 2
SUBBA,Rn SubtractregisterfromAwithborrow 98–9F 1 1
SUBBA,direct SubtractdirectbytefromAwithborrow 95 2 2
SUBB A,@Ri SubtractindirectRAMfromAwithborrow 96–97 1 2
SUBBA,#data SubtractimmediatedatafromAwithborrow 94 2 2
INCA Incrementaccumulator 04 1 1
INCRn Incrementregister 08–0F 1 2
INCdirect Incrementdirectbyte 05 2 3
INC @Ri IncrementindirectRAM 06–07 1 3
INCDPTR Incrementdatapointer A3 1 1
DECA Decrementaccumulator 14 1 1
DECRn Decrementregister 18–1F 1 2
DECdirect Decrementdirectbyte 15 2 3
DEC @Ri DecrementindirectRAM 16–17 1 3
MULAB MultiplyAandB A4 1 5
DIVA DivideA byB 84 1 5
DAA Decimaladjustaccumulator D4 1 1
ANLA,Rn ANDregistertoaccumulator 58–5F 1 1
ANLA,direct ANDdirectbytetoaccumulator 55 2 2
ANL A,@Ri ANDindirectRAMtoaccumulator 56–57 1 2
ANLA,#data ANDimmediatedatatoaccumulator 54 2 2
ANLdirect,A ANDaccumulatortodirectbyte 52 2 3
ANLdirect,#data ANDimmediatedatatodirectbyte 53 3 4
ORLA,Rn ORregistertoaccumulator 48–4F 1 1
ORLA,direct ORdirectbytetoaccumulator 45 2 2
ORL A,@Ri ORindirectRAMtoaccumulator 46–47 1 2
ORLA,#data ORimmediatedatatoaccumulator 44 2 2
ORLdirect,A ORaccumulatortodirectbyte 42 2 3
ORLdirect,#data ORimmediatedatatodirectbyte 43 3 4
XRLA,Rn ExclusiveORregister toaccumulator 68–6F 1 1
XRLA,direct ExclusiveORdirectbytetoaccumulator 65 2 2
XRL A,@Ri ExclusiveORindirect RAMto accumulator 66–67 1 2
XRLA,#data ExclusiveORimmediate datatoaccumulator 64 2 2
XRLdirect,A ExclusiveORaccumulator todirectbyte 62 2 3
XRLdirect,#data ExclusiveORimmediate datatodirectbyte 63 3 4
CLRA Clearaccumulator E4 1 1
CPLA Complementaccumulator F4 1 1
RLA Rotateaccumulatorleft 23 1 1
RLCA Rotateaccumulatorleftthroughcarry 33 1 1
RRA Rotateaccumulatorright 03 1 1
RRCA Rotateaccumulatorrightthroughcarry 13 1 1
SWAPA Swapnibbleswithintheaccumulator C4 1 1
MOVA,Rn Moveregistertoaccumulator E8–EF 1 1
MOVA,direct Movedirectbytetoaccumulator E5 2 2
MOV A,@Ri MoveindirectRAMtoaccumulator E6–E7 1 2
MOVA,#data Moveimmediatedatatoaccumulator 74 2 2
MOVRn,A Moveaccumulatortoregister F8–FF 1 2
MOVRn,direct Movedirectbytetoregister A8–AF 2 4
MOVRn,#data Moveimmediatedatatoregister 78–7F 2 2
MOVdirect,A Moveaccumulatortodirectbyte F5 2 3
MOVdirect,Rn Moveregistertodirectbyte 88–8F 2 3
MOVdirect1,direct2 Movedirectbytetodirectbyte 85 3 4
MOV direct,@Ri MoveindirectRAMtodirectbyte 86–87 2 4
MOVdirect,#data Moveimmediatedatatodirectbyte 75 3 3
MOV @Ri,A MoveaccumulatortoindirectRAM F6–F7 1 3
MOV @Ri,direct Movedirectbytetoindirect RAM A6–A7 2 5
MOV @Ri,#data Moveimmediatedatatoindirect RAM 76–77 2 3
MOVDPTR,#data16 Loaddatapointer witha 16-bitconstant 90 3 3
MOVC A,@A+DPTR MovecodebyterelativetoDPTRtoaccumulator 93 1 3
MOVC A,@A+PC MovecodebyterelativetoPCtoaccumulator 83 1 3
MOVX A,@Ri MoveexternalRAM(8-bitaddress) toA E2–E3 1 3
MOVX A,@DPTR MoveexternalRAM(16-bitaddress) toA E0 1 3
MOVX @Ri,A MoveA toexternalRAM(8-bitaddress) F2–F3 1 4
MOVX @DPTR,A MoveA toexternalRAM(16-bitaddress) F0 1 4
PUSHdirect Pushdirectbyteontostack C0 2 4
POPdirect Popdirectbytefromstack D0 2 3
XCHA,Rn Exchangeregisterwithaccumulator C8–CF 1 2
XCHA,direct Exchangedirectbytewithaccumulator C5 2 3
XCH A,@Ri ExchangeindirectRAMwithaccumulator C6–C7 1 3
XCHD A,@Ri Exchangelow-ordernibbleindirect.RAMwithA D6–D7 1 3
ACALLaddr11 Absolutesubroutinecall xxx11 2 6
LCALLaddr16 Longsubroutinecall 12 3 6
RET Returnfromsubroutine 22 1 4
RETI Returnfrominterrupt 32 1 4
AJMPaddr11 Absolutejump xxx01 2 3
LJMPaddr16 Longjump 02 3 4
SJMPrel Shortjump(relative address) 80 2 3
JMP @A+DPTR Jumpindirectrelative tothe DPTR 73 1 2
JZrel Jumpif accumulatoriszero 60 2 3
JNZrel Jumpif accumulatorisnotzero 70 2 3
JCrel Jumpif carryflagisset 40 2 3
JNC Jumpif carryflagisnotset 50 2 3
JBbit,rel Jumpif directbitisset 20 3 4
JNBbit,rel Jumpif directbitisnotset 30 3 4
JBCbit,directrel Jumpif directbitissetandclearbit 10 3 4
CJNEA,directrel ComparedirectbytetoAandjumpifnotequal B5 3 4
CJNEA,#datarel CompareimmediatetoAandjumpifnotequal B4 3 4
CJNERn,#datarel Compareimmediatetoreg.andjumpifnotequal B8–BF 3 4
CJNE @Ri,#data rel Compareimmediatetoindirectandjumpifnotequal B6–B7 3 4
DJNZRn,rel Decrementregisterandjumpifnotzero D8–DF 1 3
DJNZdirect,rel Decrementdirectbyteandjumpifnotzero D5 3 4
NOP Nooperation 00 1 1
CLRC Clearcarryflag C3 1 1
CLRbit Cleardirectbit C2 2 3
SETBC Setcarryflag D3 1 1
SETBbit Setdirectbit D2 2 3
CPLC Complementcarryflag B3 1 1
CPLbit Complementdirectbit B2 2 3
ANLC,bit ANDdirectbittocarryflag 82 2 2
ANLC,/bit ANDcomplementofdirectbittocarry B0 2 2
ORLC,bit ORdirectbittocarryflag 72 2 2
ORLC,/bit ORcomplementofdirectbittocarry A0 2 2
MOVC,bit Movedirectbittocarryflag A2 2 2
MOVbit,C Movecarryflagtodirectbit 92 2 3

Table 2-4. Instructions That Affect Flag Settings

Instruction CY OV AC
ADD x x x
ADDC x x x
SUBB x x x
MUL 0 x
DIV 0 x
DA x
ANLC,bit x
ANLC,/bit x
ORLC,bit x
ORLC,/bit x
MOVC,bit x

 Table 2-5. Interrupts Overview









InterruptMask, CPU


0 RFcore errorsituation RFERR 0x03 IEN0.RFERRIE TCON.RFERRIF(1)
1 ADCend ofconversion ADC 0x0B IEN0.ADCIE TCON.ADCIF(1)
2 USART0 RXcomplete URX0 0x13 IEN0.URX0IE TCON.URX0IF(1)
3 USART1 RXcomplete URX1 0x1B IEN0.URX1IE TCON.URX1IF(1)
4 AESencryption/decryptioncomplete ENC 0x23 IEN0.ENCIE S0CON.ENCIF
5 SleepTimercompare ST 0x2B IEN0.STIE IRCON.STIF
6 Port-2inputs/USB/I2C P2INT 0x33 IEN2.P2IE IRCON2.P2IF(2)
8 DMAtransfercomplete DMA 0x43 IEN1.DMAIE IRCON.DMAIF
9 Timer1 (16-bit)capture/compare/overflow T1 0x4B IEN1.T1IE IRCON.T1IF(1) (2)
10 Timer2 T2 0x53 IEN1.T2IE IRCON.T2IF(1) (2)
11 Timer3 (8-bit)capture/compare/overflow T3 0x5B IEN1.T3IE IRCON.T3IF(1) (2)
12 Timer4 (8-bit)capture/compare/overflow T4 0x63 IEN1.T4IE IRCON.T4IF(1) (2)
13 Port0 inputs P0INT 0x6B IEN1.P0IE IRCON.P0IF(2)
14 USART1 TXcomplete UTX1 0x73 IEN2.UTX1IE IRCON2.UTX1IF
15 Port1 inputs P1INT 0x7B IEN2.P1IE IRCON2.P1IF(2)
16 RFgeneralinterrupts RF 0x83 IEN2.RFIE S1CON.RFIF(2)
17 Watchdogoverflowintimermode WDT 0x8B IEN2.WDTIE IRCON2.WDTIF


More details: Ti cc254x datasheet

                    User's Guide-CC253x System-on-Chip Solution for 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee® Applications 
                    (and CC2540/41 System-on-Chip Solution for 2.4GHz Bluetooth® low energy Applications)


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