CAN-BUS sniffing for Volkswagen Golf MK7 (and most likely other MQB platform cars). Currently this is more a work log for future reference.



NXP S32K146 Evaluation Board

Friday, 19 November 2021 NXP
NXP S32K146 Evaluation Board
Network layer
7 Network Iayer interface
8.Standardized diagnostic CAN identifiers
Addressing formats 

The exchange of network layer data is supported by three addressing formats: normal, extended and mixed addressing. Each addressing format requires a different number of CAN frame data bytes to encapsulate the addressing information associated with the data to be exchanged. Consequently, the number of data bytes transported within a single CAN frame depends on the type of addressing format chosen.

The following (7.3.2 to 7.3.5) specifies the mapping mechanisms for each addressing format, based on the data link layer services and service parameters defined in ISO 11898-1.

ISO 15765-2

Saturday, 09 October 2021 J15765

Road vehicles — Diagnostics on Controller Area Networks (CAN) —

Part 2:Network layer services : ISO 15765-2:2004(E)

SAE J1939 学习整理

Wednesday, 26 May 2021 SAE J1939
CAN2.0B协议数据定义与SAE J 1939协议消息中R,DF,PF,PS,SA,PGN,SPN的对应的关系.
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