First  please make sure, that you are not on a localhost AND do not have any .htaccess / .passwd on your sever. Because our plugin uses HTTP to get the images for the PDF creation and if your server blocks the images from public it won’t work.

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Please make sure you have installed / configured the following in your Server PHP Extensions:

  1. CURL Enabled (php_curl.dll enabled)
  2. PHP.ini (allow_url_fopen = On)
  3. GD Library installed
Modify ConfigVariables.php under mpdf/src/Config:
Bluetooth® [1] wireless technology is the air interface intended to replace the cables connecting portable and fixed electronic equipment. Bluetooth device manufacturers have the flexibility to include optional core specification features to optimize and differentiate product offers.
The Bluetooth® Special Interest Group (SIG) [1] and [2] defines the protocol stack for Bluetooth low energy (LE) and Bluetooth basic rate/enhanced data rate (BR/EDR) technology. The fundamental objectives of these specifications is to develop interactive services and applications over interoperable radio components and data communication protocols.
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Bluetooth gateway is an electronic device that connects a Bluetooth product to other hardware. For instance, an audio or stereo BL gateway connects a Bluetooth-enabled device to an external speaker. In this article, our focus will be on a cellular BL gateway. Cellular BL gateways converge cellphone accounts with home landlines.